What are the best airlines for disabled travel and why?


1. British Airways:

In February 2022, BA became the first UK airline to formally recognise the Sunflower Lanyard. Customers can choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard as an indication that they may require additional support, assistance or simply a little more time while travelling. The initiative forms part of the airline’s continued efforts to make travel simple and easy for customers with additional assistance needs. 

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British Airways offer numerous services to assist you on your journey with them. You can contact the special assistance team and request pre boarding support with mobility or any other assistance from the terminal to the aircraft. They will also help you reaching your seat and to and from the bathroom during the flight.


2. Virgin Atlantic: 

Virgin have a special assistance programme aimed at helping those with a variety of disabilities. They can help you at the airport, on the plane or even on your Virgin Holiday if you book through them.

Virgin Atlantic Special Assistance


3. Emirates:

If you need assistance through the airport or to move around the aircraft cabin, Emirates can help. They will even arrange a wheelchair at every airport and help you travel with your own wheelchair or mobility aids. Just tell them when you book or contact them 48 hours before departure.

Emirates Mobility Assistance


4. Easy Jet:

The best of the budget airlines, EasyJet can arrange assistance to get you to your plane and to your seat. Some support is available onboard but there are no aisle wheelchairs, safety instructions are provided separately for visually impaired and hearing impaired passengers.

EasyJet Assistance


5. Ryan Air

Ryan Air provide all the same services as Easy Jet from support at the terminal all the way to the plane. Just let them know if you are in need of any help when you book or call them 48 hours before departure.

Ryan Air Assistance



Safety regulations only permit electric wheelchairs to be taken on a plane if they have airline friendly lithium batteries.

At Mobility Extra we offer airline friendly batteries as standard on both our MX-1 and MX-2 models.

Written by Rachel Hart

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