1. Book your journey with Eurostar in advance to secure a space on an accessible carriage.
  2. Find a suitable accompanying adult if you are travelling alone, or ask a Eurostar member of staff to help when travelling alone.
  3. Make sure you bring a valid form of identification when travelling.
  4. Arrive at the station early, especially if you're travelling with a wheelchair as it may take a little longer to get to the platform.
  5. Make sure you check the access statement for the station you're travelling from or to for accessibility information.
  6. Inform Eurostar staff if you require assistance getting on or off the train or with storage of your wheelchair.
  7. Make sure your wheelchair meets Eurostar's guidelines for folding wheelchairs.
  8. Familiarise yourself with Eurostar's luggage allowance and additional charges for extra baggage.
  9. Be sure to pack essential items such as medications, glasses and all other items required for the journey.
  10. During the journey, alert staff if you require any assistance or support.


More information on Eurostar Special Assistance can be found my clicking this link:

Written by Rachel Hart

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