We know purchasing an electric wheelchair is a big investment and an important one for you to get right. There's a lot of information out there but we wanted to share 6 of what we consider the most important considerations.

1. Types Of Use: Consider how you plan to use the power chair. Manuel wheelchairs are great for a transporting yourself in a car. Power chairs are great for in-home tasks such as gardening or going to the park. One key consideration to think of is the weight that the chair is designed for. Often people find it preferable to get a slightly more powerful chair, this allows children and/or grandchildren to sit on your lap which can be a fun and memorable experience for all!

2. Seating: Choose a power chair with a seat that is comfortable, supportive and adjustable. It's not always possible to try the chair before buying but you can get reassurance from customer reviews.

3. Drive System: Choose a power chair with a drive system that fits your needs. Diffrent models have diffrent features such as manoeuvrability, speed and turning radius.

4. Control System: Consider the control system of the power chair. Diffrent models offer various features such as joystick or remote control operation, programmability and voice controls.

5. Size: Know the dimensions of your living space and/or places you intend to go before you buy. Power chairs come in various sizes and some models may be too large for your space. At Mobility Extra we offer chairs with a 120 KG or 150KG load

6. Price: Make sure you budget for your power chair and any additional accessories you will need. At Mobility Plus we know it can be frustrating waiting to save up for an electric wheelchair. That's why we've partnered with Klarna to provide 0% finance payment solution where you can pay for any powerchair in 3 payments over 3 months.


Written by Stephen Biagioni

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