1. Make sure that the electric wheelchair is in good working order before you use it outdoors. Check the tyres, brakes, and battery before venturing out.

2. Plan your route carefully. Make sure that there are no obstacles along the way, such as debris or cracks in the pavement that are big enough to cause instability while riding. 

3. Use caution when approaching crossings, curbs, and other obstacles. Look both ways before proceeding.

4. Adjust the speed setting on your electric wheelchair accordingly. Slower speeds should be used when traveling on a pavement or in an area with a lot of pedestrians. This may include supermarkets and busy high streets.

5. Charge the battery fully the night before to ensure that you don't run out of battery power during operation.

6. If you plan to use your wheelchair outside at night or in low light conditions, wear reflective clothing to increase visibility.

7. Use your electrical wheelchair on a flat, even surface such as a paved road or walking trail for a safer and more comfortable ride.

8. Know the laws that apply to individuals using electric wheelchairs in public spaces. Some locations may have restricted access or certain hours in which they can be used.

Written by Rachel Hart

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