Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by wheelchair users of all ages and abilities. Here are some tips for taking up archery as a wheelchair user:


  1. Find a suitable archery range: Look for an archery range that is accessible to wheelchair users. The range should be level, with a smooth surface and no obstacles.


  1. Use a suitable bow: Choose a bow that is suitable for your needs. For example, a compound bow with a release aid can be more comfortable to use for people with limited upper body strength.


  1. Adjust the equipment: Make sure the equipment is adjusted to your needs. The bow should be at a comfortable height, and the arrows should be the proper length.


  1. Consider an adaptive device: Some wheelchair users use a device to hold the bow when shooting. This device can be attached to the chair or held by a helper.


  1. Work with a coach: Find a coach who has experience coaching wheelchair users. They can help you with the proper technique and provide guidance on equipment.


  1. Practice regularly: Like any sport, practice is essential. Set aside time to practice and work on improving your technique.


  1. Focus on safety: Always follow proper safety procedures when handling and shooting a bow. Learn and follow range safety rules.


Archery is a sport that requires focus, concentration, and patience. As a wheelchair user taking up archery, you will likely find it enjoyable and rewarding. With the proper equipment, coaching, and practice, you can become a skilled archer and enjoy the sport for years to come.


Written by Rachel Hart

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