Planning a holiday can be a complex task for wheelchair users because of accessibility issues. However, with careful research and preparation, it is possible to enjoy a memorable and accessible holiday. Here are some top tips for wheelchair accessible holidays:


  1. Destination research: There are certain destinations around the world that are more wheelchair-friendly than others. Research destination options and look for accessible accommodation options and attractions.


  1. Accessible transportation: Research accessible transportation options available at the destination such as wheelchair-friendly taxis, buses, and trains. Pre-book taxis and arrange airport transfers in advance to avoid any last-minute difficulties.


  1. Accessible accommodation: Look for accommodation options that have been specifically designed for wheelchair users. Check for accessibility features such as wide doorways, level access showers, toilets with grab rails, and lifts.


  1. Make a packing list: Make a list of all the necessary equipment (e.g. portable ramps, grab rails, shower chairs, etc.) and pack them accordingly. This will help ensure that all the required equipment is available to make your stay comfortable.


  1. Plan leisure activities: Research available activities and attractions at your destination beforehand to ensure that they are easily accessible. If necessary, pre-book tickets to avoid any inconvenience upon arrival.


  1. Research local accessibility laws: Familiarize yourself with local accessibility guidelines and laws prior to your visit. This will help you to plan your journey and avoid any unexpected difficulties.


  1. Connect with local disability organizations: Reach out to local disability organizations at your destination to gather more information about available accessible facilities and attractions.


By following these tips, wheelchair users can ensure that their holiday is enjoyable, stress-free, and accessible.


Written by Rachel Hart

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