1. Look for cinemas that offer accessible seating. Many cinemas offer seats that are wider and have more space to accommodate wheelchairs, as well as wheelchair lifts.

2. Make sure to ask what type of wheelchairs and wheelchairs accessories are allowed in the cinema. Some venues have specific guidelines and policies.

3. Contact the cinema ahead of time to make sure they have adequate staff and wheelchair accommodations.

4. Look for cinemas that have ramps, elevators or wheelchair lifts at the entrance.

5.Inquire about audio description and captioning for those with hearing and vision impairments.

6. Be mindful of other guests when transferring from the wheelchair to the seat, and secure the wheelchair in place.

7.Request an assistant or companion to accompany you if needed.

8. Consider booking tickets prior to arrival to allow for more time at the cinema before the movie starts.


Read these articles below for further information on accessible cinemas:





Written by Rachel Hart

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