1. Plan Ahead – Take some time to research to determine which gym is best for wheelchair users. Look for accessibility information on their website and contact the gym to discuss your needs.

2. Check with Your Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer – See if they have any specific recommendations for the equipment you should use, and whether they offer any adapted programs.

3. Choose the Right Equipment – Make sure the equipment you are using is wheelchair accessible, and that it has features that make it easy to use.

4. Modify the Equipment – If the equipment is not accessible, you can modify it so that you can use it. For example, you can add straps and secure the wheelchair to the equipment for a more confident and stable session.

5. Get Help From a Friend or Trainer – Ask a friend or personal trainer to help you if you need assistance with any exercises or getting in and out of the equipment.

6. Wear the Right Gear – Make sure you have the right safety gear, such as adaptive seating cushions and support straps.

7. Be Careful – Respect the equipment, use proper form, always be safe and don't try to lift too heavy. Wheelchair users can be just as safe as any other gym goer.


A great example of a gym for disabled people can be found here:




Written by Rachel Hart

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