We are often asked "Why should we buy an electric v manual wheelchair?". Whilst many of our customers would list 100s of benefits personal to each user we wanted to share the most common benefits our customers share with us.

Increased Mobility and Independence - Electric wheelchairs allow users to travel further than they could with manual wheelchairs and they require less physical effort. Electric wheelchairs allow users to go places they wouldn't be able to go with a manual wheelchair. These include areas with steep inclines, inclines that could otherwise be impossible to handle with a manual chair and on areas with tough terrain such as gravel and sand.

Whilst traditional hand wheelchairs rely on manpower to move forward. If there is no one around, it can be difficult to travel alone. Electric wheelchairs provide a solution to this problem. Elderly and disabled people with mobility impairments can drive their own electric wheelchairs to travel.. This increased independence gives them the ability to expand their social circle and greatly benefits mental and physical health.

Improved Comfort - Electric wheelchairs provide a comfortable and relaxed seating position. This is especially beneficial for users who experience back, shoulder or neck pain.

Cost Effective - Electric wheelchairs can be extremely cost effective. the initial cost may be more expensive than manual wheelchairs but they can save money over time as your independence increases you may not need to get taxis to travel short distances.


Written by Rachel Hart

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